Nvidia Tesla K10 - 8GB Accelerator - Refurbsihed

Nvidia Tesla K10 - 8GB Accelerator - Refurbsihed

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Run your most demanding scientific models on NVIDIA Tesla GPU Accelerators. Based on the NVIDIA
Kepler Architecture, Tesla GPUs are designed to deliver faster, more efficient compute performance.
Tesla K10 GPU Computing Accelerator – Optimized for single precision applications, the Tesla K10 is a throughput monster based on the ultra-efficient GK104 Kepler GPU. The accelerator board features two
GK104 GPUs and delivers up to 2x the performance for single precision applications compared to the
previous generation Fermi-based Tesla M2090 in the same power envelope. With an aggregate performance
of 4.58 teraflop peak single precision and 320 gigabytes per second memory bandwidth for both GPUs put together, the Tesla K10 is optimized for computations in seismic, signal, image processing, and video analytics


Seller refurbished with 90 day warranty 


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